You have entered the threshold of the “Armenian Institute of Tourism”, so you have already entered the threshold of an interesting and fabulous world called tourism. Maybe you still have doubts, maybe you’re still thinking about the correctness of your choice? Boldly go ahead. Here, more than anywhere else, you can find what you dreamed of, because tourism is self-expression, tourism is friendship, tourism is love and happiness… I want to tell you about a higher educational institution called the Armenian Institute of Tourism, a branch of the Russian International Academy of Tourism, with which you are trying to connect several years of the best part of your life. After entering the institute, you will find yourself in an environment that will become your second home. You will have teachers who, in addition to professional knowledge, will give you solid values with which you can steadily and boldly walk through life! And with the knowledge acquired at the Institute, you will have the opportunity to work in that multifaceted and constantly developing field called tourism. You will be in demand because there is a constant shortage of specialists like you in the tourism industry, and not only in Armenia, but all over the world.

“Armenian Institute of Tourism” is the only higher educational institution not only in Armenia, but also in the region, which provides professional tourism education. In other universities, the Faculty of Tourism is just one of the university’s specializations. The management of the Institute, the staff of the training unit are always ready to help you in any matter, and the doors of the rector of the institute are always open for you, with whom you can discuss not only academic, but also personal issues at any time. You can get comprehensive information about the institute on the institute’s website , and I want to conclude my appeal to you with the words։ We are waiting for you!

With love

Rector of the “Armenian Institute of Tourism” Arsen Balasanyan